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We know how hard it is to juggle getting to grips with how to use new technology when you are also so busy planning, teaching, marking and doing the million other things you do! We’ve been there, and over the years, we have tried lots of different things to work out the magic formula for what would make it easier for the many teachers we work with.

We failed! For what we have realised is that one size does not fit all! You’re all wonderfully different! We’ve also realised that the most impact comes when we connect personally with people and develop their practice in the time, place and at the pace that suits them. More importantly, we’re not here to show you how to use an iPad but to take you on a journey to transform your teaching and learning practices.

And right now, this need has been amplified a hundred percent as you learn to navigate teaching remotely. So how can you get to know us on a more personal level? Follow us on IG, read a blog post or two, or explore some of our available courses. Then whatever level you feel you are at - please reach out - we'd love to help you develop your confidence and teaching practice.

Find out what some of the teachers we work with have to say:

I received support on Apple Classroom and some other basic apps which gave me the confidence to get started, and although I experienced a few hitches, I managed to get going and am now using iPads regularly in lessons. It’s also great to have someone there to ask as I learn.
Class Teacher
Support from Mark has increased my confidence using technology with students in the classroom. I feel as though I have a much broader range of teaching tools at my fingertips to engage students and keep learning varied and exciting.
Class Teacher

Programs to support you

As a teacher, you could try one of our off-the-shelf programs, but we’d much rather give you exactly what you want. Look through what we have to offer and then see if we can tailor it so it suits you perfectly!

Remember if your school has purchased any iPad, you may qualify for large discounts on any of our programs.

Follow our blog for amazing content that will help you go the extra mile in education.

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